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SuperHero ABC
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  Booklist Review

K-Gr. 3. In this ABC book turbocharged with fun for both new and capable readers, McLeod lines up a roster of superheroes kids won't find in existing cartoons or comic book: Astro-Man, Always Alert for an Alien Attack despite his asthma; Goo Girl, whose weapon of choice is Great Gobs of Goo; and Odor Officer, monitor of playground farts. McLeod, who has decades of experience drawing for major comics from Marvel and others , has chosen a theme that is well suited to the ABC format, as each entry's alliterative annotation seems entirely in keeping with the genre's usual predilection for stylized, faintly hokey text. Also borrowed straight from comics are the onomatopoeic outbursts (GAA! QUUF! ) and the skintight (though never overtly revealing) leotards worn by guys and gals alike. McLeod's adherence to such conventions is precisely what will draw comic-book fans, who will pore over the slick, dynamic compositions on oversize pages, and will savor the occasional, sly references to familiar characters. This book's superpower? It will dazzle reluctant readers and disappear right off the shelves. For occasions when demand exceeds availability, pull out Jeff Weigel's Atomic Ace (He's Just My Dad) (2004), also by a comics veteran. --Jennifer Mattson Copyright 2006 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

Veteran comic-book artist McLeod presents an alphabetical gallery of newly minted superheroes--from Astro-Man, who is "Always Alert for An Alien Attack" to the Zinger, Zanily Zigzagging through the Zero Zone. A can-do crew of hunky men and buxom women (plus the occasional animal or alien) properly decked out in loudly colored, form-fitting spandex, these crime-fighters bring a range of outrageous abilities to their work. Bubble Man, for instance, "Blows Big Bubbles at Bullies," while Rain Man "Rains on Random Robbers," Goo Girl "shoots Great Gobs of [green] Goo at Gangsters," and, grossest of all, Volcano Man--well, let's not go there. This frothy mix of laughs, giggles and expertly drawn, melodramatically posed Good Guys zeroes in on its target audience with superhuman accuracy and action. (Picture book. 5-8) Copyright ©Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
<p>Silly and zany, and armed with the most unusual skills, these heroes are out to save the world-one letter at a time! bubble-Man blows big bubbles at bullies, and laughing lass laughs at lawbreakers! together, these one-of-a-kind defenders represent the ABC's in a way never seen before.</p> <p>Renowned comic-book illustrator bob mcleod has created a full cast of humorous and delightful characters, sure to please anyone in need of a hero to save the day.</p>
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