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A darkling plain : a novel
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  Booklist Review

"The fourth book in The Hungry City Chronicles, which began with Mortal Engines (2003), is a rousing wrap-up for the series. The Green Storm forces are struggling to establish new static settlements and reclaim farmland, but the voracious and now unified Traction Cities are determined to pursue Municipal Darwinism, with cities hunting towns and towns hunting villages. Meanwhile, the Stalker Fang, thought dead, but actually resurrected, has her own macabre plans to cleanse Earth of human beings. There is plenty of violence and intrigue involved in the exploits of the well-limned principal characters, building up to a humdinger of a finale that will rivet readers."--"Estes, Sally" Copyright 2007 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

Taking his cue from "Dover Beach," Matthew Arnold's musing on isolation and anxiety in a world without faith, Reeve delivers a suitably explosive finish to his grueling Hungry City Chronicles. In the wake of the destruction of the Stalker Fang, an uneasy truce between the Green Storm and the traction cities is threatened by the kidnapping of Lady Naga, wife of the new leader of the Storm. Young Theo Ngoni finds himself swept along with Hester Shaw, the nihilistic mother of Wren, the girl he loves, and the Stalker Grike, who in his own dead way loves Hester. Meanwhile, Wren and her father Tom Natsworthy pursue rumors of renewed activity to London, the once-great city destroyed at the end of Mortal Engines (2003). And what's this? Lost Boy Fishcake and the re-Resurrected Stalker Fang are making their way across what used to be Asia to deploy an Old Tech satellite weapon called odin. All stops are pulled out in this pyrotechnic conclusion that follows multiple narratives with such rapid-fire transitions that it will have readers gasping for breath--and humming with satisfaction at the just-right end. (Fiction. 12+) Copyright ©Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
<p>The once-great traction city of London is now just a radioactive wreck, a ruin haunted by electrical discharges and the dashed hopes of the people who once called it home--people like Tom Natsworthy. Twenty years after he fled, intending never to return, he discovers that something stirs in the remains of the old city.</p> <p>Tom and his daughter, Wren, aren't the only people interested in London. The desperate armies of the Traction Cities and the Green Storm are also closing in, certain that whatever is taking shape within the city holds the key to victory in their never-ending war.</p> <p>But it may be too late. Even as Tom and Wren hurry to uncover the mystery of London, Hester Shaw--estranged from her husband and her daughter--tracks the resurrected Stalker Fang, who has found another way to end the war and all life on the planet once and for all.</p>
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