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Jumpy Jack & Googily
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  Booklist Review

Jumpy Jack is a snail who is worried about monsters. Is there one behind that tree? Floating in the wading pool? Hiding in the house? Happily, Jumpy Jack has a friend, Googily, who is willing to check out all the places monsters might be hiding. The joke is that Googily is a monster himself, a fact that goes unnoticed by both. Mistaken monsters is a picture-book subgenre all its own, but the considerable talents of Rosoff and Blackall elevate this from the rest. Cavorting on creamy-colored backgrounds, the fang-toothed, blue-skinned Googily and timid Jack (a bit googly-eyed himself) milk all the deadpan humor out of the situation. Young ones will adore getting the joke and perceiving themselves smarter than the protagonists. The funniest moments come when Jack asks specific questions: What if a monster stares at me through the letterbox and sticks out his awful tongue? That will never happen, Googily assures him, then proceeds to do just that.--Cooper, Ilene Copyright 2008 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

The same duo that created Meet Wild Boars (2005) is back with a tale of two friends proceeding through their day. Googily, whose blue color, long tongue and sharp teeth mark him as an oddball indeed, accompanies Jumpy Jack, a snail whose nervousness is mostly in his eyes and his imagination. Jumpy Jack sees monsters in many nooks and crannies, asking Googily to investigate. At bedtime, fear of monsters is at its height, tables are turned and that's when all comes to a head--or is it a foot? That Googily is a monster himself is unacknowledged in the text but made clear in Blackall's ink-and-watercolor illustrations, in which he embodies Jumpy Jack's fears. "What if there is a monster with two fingers on each hand, who stares at me through the letterbox and sticks out its awful tongue?" quavers the snail, to which Googily utters the repeated refrain, "No monsters here," even as he does exactly that. A humorous tamer of monsters that will leave everyone saying, "Phew," along with Jumpy Jack. (Picture book. 3-6) Copyright ©Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
<p>Meet Jumpy Jack, a very nervous snail who's afraid of monsters, and Googily, who is a--well, who is a very good friend, indeed. Wherever they go, Googily kindly checks high and low just to make sure there are no scary monsters about. But as every child knows, monsters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are even blue with hairy eyebrows and pointy teeth.</p> <p> Jumpy Jack & Googily is a universal story of friendship and fear of the unknown told with wit and charm by the fantastic team who created the irresistible Meet Wild Boars .</p>
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