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  Booklist Review

Something is out there, in the cold nothing of the Canadian winter, making teenagers disappear. McNamee's follow-up to Acceleration (2003) is another page-turning thriller, this time with an eerie supernatural edge that will appeal to fans of psychological horror. Newcomer Danny and his brainy friend Howie have been chased down and stung by a Windigo, a massive cannibalistic beast. Now they are infected, racing against time before being compelled to give in to the beast in the frozen tundra. Ash, whose boxing wows Danny before her kisses do, and Pike, Howie's pyromaniac brother, also join the hunt. The book starts out with a bang as Pike sets fire to a convenience store, followed by a night race through the icy wilderness. The cold atmosphere pervades the book, and readers will shudder as Danny grows colder himself. Enough backstory is presented to give the characters dimension, but most of the focus is on the danger at hand. The book climaxes in an ammo-laden action sequence that will keep readers perched on the edges of their seats.--Booth, Heather Copyright 2008 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

Harvest Cove is too small even to be a dot on the map, tucked away as it is in Canada's Big Empty, "so big it could swallow you without a trace." But it's not only the vast land that threatens to swallow Danny Quinn; there's a demon out there, what the Cree call Oskankaskatin, or "bone chiller," a soul-stealer that has haunted this Ontario town for centuries. Now it's after Danny, and he enlists three high-school friends to fight it. A fearsome monster, creepy nightmares, wild snowmobile chases, painful family memories and a romance with a beautiful female boxer make this a wild time for a young boy in a sleepy little town. The first-person, present-tense narration is taut, fast-paced and stylish, expertly weaving in deft characterizations and a strong sense of place--bitter cold emptiness compared to the Toronto heat of McNamee's previous thriller, Acceleration (2003). Read this intense horror story in big gulps, and don't forget to breathe. (Horror. 12 & up) Copyright ©Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
WELCOME TO NOWHERE. Danny's dad takes a job as caretaker at a marina on the shore of a vast, frozen lake in Harvest Cove, a tiny town tucked away in Canada's Big Empty. If you're looking for somewhere to hide, this is it. It's the worst winter in years. One night, running in the dark, Danny is attacked by a creature so strange and terrifying he tries to convince himself he was hallucinating. Then he learns about Native American legends of a monster that's haunted the lake for a thousand years. And that every generation, in the coldest winters, kids have disappeared into the night. People think they ran away. Danny knows better. Because now the beast is after him.
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