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Fans of Tyrell (2006) will welcome another tale about a Bronx teen facing big challenges. Fifteen-year-old Kendra has been raised by her grandmother, Nana, while her 29-year-old mother has been away earning university degrees. Now that her mother's PhD is complete, Kendra is hoping that the family will finally reunite, but her mom chooses to get a studio apartment without her daughter. Kendra's longing for love leads her too quickly into a physical relationship with hot Nashawn. Kendra doesn't want sex, in part because Nana threatens to have her physically checked to confirm her virginity, but Nashawn suggests oral and anal sex as alternatives to traditional intercourse. Kendra agrees, and she is guilt ridden over the acts (which are frankly discussed) as well as confused by the passion she feels. Her father, who is in a dead-end job as a snack-food truck driver, rounds out the strong secondary characters. Kendra's talent at architectural drawing and set design will attract artistic teens, while her realistic daily problems with friends, family, and boys will appeal to a wide audience.--Dobrez, Cindy Copyright 2008 Booklist
Kendra's mom was only fourteen when she had Kendra. Then she left Kendra with Kendra's grandmother and finished school--all the way up to Princeton. Now Kendra's fourteen, and her grandmother wants her mother to start playing a part in her life...especially when Kendra starts getting into trouble with boys. As she did in her debut novel, Tyrell, Coe Booth creates the vivid voice of a teen trying to find her place in the world--even though nothing (not family, not friendship, not sex, not love) is what she thought it would be.
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