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Girlfriend material
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Kate's dreams of a perfect summer are dashed when her mother announces that she is taking her from their home in Utah to stay at an old friend's house on Cape Cod. While her mother receives the support she needs for her failing marriage, Kate has to fend for herself. She manages to make a few friends, find a job teaching tennis and meet Adam. At first Kate imagines a fun summer fling, but her feelings for Adam quickly become more complicated. Kate is simultaneously oblivious to the reality of her parents' situation and completely sensitive to her own emotional life. While understandable and developmentally appropriate to a point, Kate's obtuseness in the face of obvious evidence may well leave readers frustrated. Realistic dialogue and a quick pace keep the story lively, but uneven character development, unlikely plot twists and an overly familiar plot keep this from hitting its mark. (Fiction. 12 up) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
If Kate were Lady Brett Ashley, the devastating heroine of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises , she'd spend her summers careering aroundtheRivierainher coupe, breaking hearts by the dozen&mdashbecause why not ? In reality, Kate's never even had a boyfriend, and she'll be spending the summer abetting her mom'slame ploy to make her dad jealous: running off to Cape Cod and crashing at the seaside home of her wealthy friends, the Cooper-Melnicks. To add to the shame, the Cooper-Melnicks' gorgeous daughter Sarah is a bit like Lady Brett, and she seems less than thrilled to hang out with her new houseguest. Any dreams Kate once had of a perfect summer are ruined. That is, until Sarah'scute,wittyfriend Adam starts drawing Kate into the fold&mdashand seems intrigued . With Adam around, Kate feels like she just might have a bit of heartbreaker potential after all. But when a breezy summer romance quickly grows more complicated canKate keeppretending herrelationship withAdam is just a carefree fling? Or will she take the risk andtell himher real feelings? Suddenly Kate is asking herself a question she never thought she'd stoop to:Is she girlfriend material?
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