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A troubled peace
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  Booklist Review

In this sequel to Elliott's acclaimed Under a War-Torn Sky (2001), it's near the end of WWII. Nineteen-year-old bomber pilot hero Henry Forester is back home in Virginia, suffering from nightmares and starting at every loud noise. Many readers will recognize these symptoms as PTSD (then known as battle fatigue) and empathize with Henry's need to go back to France and search for the young boy who jeopardized his own life helping Henry escape. Returning and new readers alike will find gasp-producing action, well-developed characters, and deep details about the privations war brings. Similar to The Book Thief (2006) and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2006).--Fletcher, Connie Copyright 2009 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

The end of World War II is nearing, and 19-year-old Henry Forester has made it home to Virginia after being shot down over Nazi-occupied France (Under a War-Torn Sky, 2001). Unsettled by a refusal of marriage, Henry decides he needs to know more about those who helped him escape, and now that France is free of German rule, he returns to try to resolve his doubts. Peace for his soul comes hard, as it does for the whole country, damaged and suffering from years of resistance and collaboration. Food is scarce, travel difficult and the chaos of daily arrivals from the eastern camps leaves everyone unsettled. As Henry retraces his steps looking for those who helped him, especially the boy Pierre, the ravages of war come clear. Stylistically, this novel doesn't stand out; its strength lies in the evocation of its setting, where heroes and heroines emerge as sacrifices are counted and as their irrepressible spirits begin to reassert themselves. (Historical fiction. YA) Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
<p>March 1945</p> <p>World War II may be ending, but for nineteen-year-old pilot Henry Forester the conflict still rages. Shot down behind enemy lines in France, Henry endured a dangerous trek to freedom, relying on the heroism of civilians and Resistance fighters to stay alive. But back home in Virginia, Henry is still reliving air battles with Hitler's Luftwaffe and his torture by the Gestapo. Mostly, Henry can't stop worrying about the safety of those who helped him escape--especially one French boy, Pierre, who, because of Henry, may have lost everything.</p> <p>When Henry returns to France to find Pierre, he is stunned by the brutal after-math of combat: starvation, cities shattered by Allied bombing, and the shocking return of concentration camp survivors. Amid the rubble of war, Henry must begin a daring search for a lost boy--plus a fight to regain his own internal peace and the trust of the girl he loves.</p> <p>L. M. Elliott's sequel to Under a War-Torn Sky is an astonishing account of surviving the fallout from war.</p>
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