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  Booklist Review

The story of kids being sucked into a comic-book otherworld begun in Malice (2009) finds a rousing conclusion here, as Seth and Kady seek to wrest control of the ravaged world called Malice from the mega-evil Tall Jake. A number of clever horror-fantasy creations and lightning-quick pacing help gloss over some tenuously tied-together logic and overly explanatory dialogue. The book's gimmick of interspersing comics sequences among the prose is given a bit more plot consideration here, but the artwork remains weakly executed. Still, an exciting read with danger to spare, and, surprisingly, the series looks to be done in two.--Chipman, Ian Copyright 2010 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

This sequel to Malice (2009) draws the rival casts of evil monsters and teenage rebels into climactic battles both in this world and the parallel one behind the pages of a comic. As Seth makes his way back into Malice with the talismanic Shard and joins the effort to mount an attack on the dread Deadhouse, a new ally, Alicia, nervously tracks the House's sinister master Tall Jake to the decrepit English psychiatric hospital where Grendelthe mad, disturbed, misshapen graphic artist (and maybe god?) who has created both the comic and the world it depictsis imprisoned. Like the opener, this features expertly meshed multiple plotlines, colorful supporting characters (notably a clockwork sabertooth and a Malice resident afflicted with "regenerative leprosy," meaning that he keeps losing body parts that then grow back), frequent eerie skitterings and sudden feelings of dread plus nonstop action that breaks, occasionally, from prose into graphic-novelstyle panels festooned with noisy sound effects. A real crowd pleaser, with further episodes possible but not necessary. (Graphic hybrid/fantasy. 11-13)]] Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
Getting into the sinister comic-book world of Malice is just the beginning. Getting out of it is much, much harder-as is surviving while you make your attempt. <p>Part novel, part comic book, all thrill-welcome to Malice .</p>
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