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Full moon kisses : a full moon novel
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Schreiber takes on werewolves with the same light, romantic emphasis of her Vampire Kisses titles. The Full Moon series follows the misadventures of Celeste and Brandon, star-crossed lovers from different social sets. In the second title, Magic of the Moonlight (2011), high-school student Celeste realized that she was in love with gorgeous Brandon, despite his address and lycanthropic tendencies. Brandon's scientist father came up with an antidote to cure his son, but both teens were ambivalent about his taking it, relishing the physicality of the werewolf form. Full Moon Kisses pits Celeste and Brandon against a neighboring werewolf pack intent on turning Celeste into a werewolf as a mate for the attractive bad-boy leader. There's very little subtlety, character development, or gore in this series, but that's exactly what will attract readers. It's comfort food, formulaic and dependable, and for middle-school paranormal romance readers, it's irresistible. The cover photo of a young blonde girl with slightly parted lips and silhouettes of tree limbs perfectly communicates the content: this is a girl's romantic fantasy. It's really not about the werewolf!--Carton, Debbie Copyright 2010 Booklist
<p>This enticing paranormal romance featuring werewolves and the popular girl who loves them is a great conclusion to the Full Moon series.</p> <p>What will Celeste do now that both her heroic boyfriend, Brandon, and her popular ex-boyfriend, Nash, are werewolves? And someone wants to turn her into a werewolf, too. Life is complicated under Legend Run's full moon.</p> <p>Perfect for fans of Ellen Schreiber's New York Times-bestselling Vampire Kisses series, or romantic werewolf stories like Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, Full Moon Kisses delivers danger, mystery, and undeniable romance.</p>
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