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Bailey at the museum
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  Booklist Review

Bailey, the only canine member of his otherwise human grade-school class, wags his tail excitedly as their bus pulls up to the Museum of Natural History. When his interest in dinosaur bones gets the better of him, he climbs the T. rex for a taste and ends up with a museum guard as his field-trip partner. Luckily, they get along just fine. They lose sight of the class near the end of the visit, but Bailey's superior nose and tracking skills save the day. Told through short lines of text combined with speech and word bubbles in the pictures, the rambling story gets its spark from the expressive, cartoonlike illustrations. Varying in size from broad double-page scenes to small pictures grouped on one page, the colorful artwork creates a mildly amusing tone and offers plenty of details for children to enjoy. An amiable picture-book adventure.--Phelan, Carolyn Copyright 2010 Booklist

  Kirkus Review

In his second outing, Bailey, the totally typical early-elementary student who just happens to be a spotted dog, enjoys a field trip and finds a new friend. Bliss doesn't break new ground in this low-key adventure, but his sly humor and smooth writing style make it an utterly enjoyable outing. Bailey eagerly anticipates the school trip and has no trouble finding a partner; following the rules, however, is more challenging. Whether taking a detour to drink from the decorative fountain, napping in a teepee or scampering up a dinosaur's skeleton to gnaw on a bone, Bailey goes (mildly) rogue in most amusing fashion. The latter excursion brings him a new buddy--the museum guard who cheerfully ensures that none of his escapades end unpleasantly. One key to Bailey's charm is Bliss' utterly deadpan humor. Though Bailey's behavior is decidedly canine, none of the humans suggest by word or deed that having a dog in class is anything out of the ordinary. Clever visual jokes enhance the appeal. Bailey's partner, an obviously enthusiastic reader, has two books on the seat beside her: A Book, by Author, and Another Book, by Different Author; a classmate peruses The New Yorkshire. Readers who've already met the endearing Bailey will be glad to see he's back and look forward to further exploits; new acquaintances will surely search for his well-received debut. (Picture book. 4-8)]] Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.
Join Bailey on a school trip to the Museum of Natural History! <p>Bailey is very excited about the school trip to the Museum of Natural History. After all, he loves to dig up bones even more than an archaeologist!</p> <p>And besides bones, there's lots of fun to be had with tepees, totem poles, and dinosaur skeletons. Bailey's classmates never know what will happen next: maybe that's why the museum guard becomes Bailey's special partner.</p> <p>Bailey is a character that every picture-book-age kid wants to read about, and his humor and charm will keep everyone giggling.</p>
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